Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Dear attendee,

    below you can find a teaser for MyCrown e-Learning Basic Course content which in the full version consists of 7 different modules which will take you through the whole process of the MyCrown workflow. 

    To enter content please click on a text with the box icon box. With some of the modules comes also additional content as PDF files with icon pdf icon where are some extra informations mentioned in the course. After completing all module you have to attend quiz MyCrown Basic Course Quiz V1 on the top of the Course. Questions are created based on the MyCrown e-Learning Basic Course content. 

    The quiz consists of 45 questions, all of them are answered in the course content. Time limit of the test is 45 minutes, number of the attempts is unlimited.

    with our best regards,

    FONA Dental team.

  • Module 1 - Introduction to CAD-CAM World With FONA MyCrown

     Entering the CAD/CAM world is exciting experience which elevates your dental office and your work to the different level

     FONA MyCrown system saves costs and your precious time and you have whole process fully under control

     In combination with high-tech and reliable materials it ist the right tool for providing better care for your patients

    ■ The way how to implement MyCrown smoothly to your daily practice is described together with importance of involving your staff into whole process

  • Module 2 - Easy Start With FONA MyCrown

    ■ For your smooth start, FONA prepared for you set of E-learning modules which will guide you trough whole process from the tooth preparation and soft tissue&liquid management, scanning technique, designing new restoration in software, manufacturing process up to finalizing and seating new crown in patient mouth

    ■ FONA provides also highly recommended Basic training including hands-on instructed by experienced dentist

    ■ Take your time to get familiar with this technology

    ■ We are sure that you will go through this curve in a reasonable time

  • Module 3 - Restoration Guide

    ■ This module contains all necessary informations and guidance to master spraying and scanning technique and following design work in software enviroment

    ■ Proper spraying and scanning technique ensures fast and high quality scan and consequently highly accurate restoration

    ■ Mastership of the spraying and scanning technique and software operation will shorten patient visit time so you can treat more patients during the day